Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

(Effective from 25th May 2018)


NISCA is the Northern Ireland Schools and Colleges Careers Association. NISCA’s mission is to enhance the quality of Careers provision in Schools and Regional Colleges and to create a desire for life-long learning.

Legal Basis for Processing Your Information

In pursuit of its mission, NISCA will collect and process your personal data only if you have given NISCA your consent to do so.

NISCA Contacts database

In pursuit of its mission NISCA needs to collect information on persons who are :

  • NISCA Members
  • Event sponsors or exhibitors
  • Event registrants
  • Other contacts who are relevant to the pursuit of the NISCA mission

What data does NISCA collect and process ?

The NISCA Contacts database contains the following information :

  1. Names
  2. Workplace addresses
  3. DENI institution IDs (if applicable)
  4. Email addresses
  5. Encrypted NISCA website passwords (if applicable)
  6. Phone numbers (if known)
  7. Financial transactions with NISCA (if applicable)
    • Membership payments
    • Event attendance payments
    • Sponsor & exhibitor payments
  8. Details of NISCA events attended (if applicable)

How does NISCA obtain the data ?

  • Items 1 – 6 above are obtained directly from contacts themselves or from sources already in the public domain.
  • Items 7 and 8 above are generated within NISCA’s system in the course of payments processing and events registrations.

What does NISCA use the data for ?

  • Names, addresses and DENI IDs are used to maintain an accurate list of members and other contacts who are relevant to the purposes of NISCA.
  • Email addresses and passwords are used to identify members and authenticate use when logging into the NISCA website.
  • Email addresses and phone numbers are used for the purposes of communicating matters which are related to the administration of NISCA or which NISCA deems to be of interest or benefit to members and other contacts.
  • Financial transactions are collected for the purposes of administration and internal auditing of NISCA.
  • Event attendance details are collected for the purpose of organising such events and to review the relative success of such events.

Who is your data shared with ?

The only persons within NISCA who have access to the data are the core personnel who have responsibility for membership management, events organisation and financial management.

NISCA also shares the data with one or more appointed data processors :

  • Companies and organisations which provide the web space and software to store and manage the data.
  • Companies and organisations which provide printing facilities.

NISCA will verify that any appointed data processors are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (2018)

NISCA will not share your data with any other external individual or organisation.

How long will NISCA retain your data ?

NISCA will only retain your data for as long as it is in your interest to do so. If NISCA becomes aware that it is no longer in your interest to retain the data it will be deleted. (eg. if you are no longer involved in careers related activities.) As indicated below, NISCA will delete your data at any time if you submit a request to do so.

What are your rights ?

You can request that NISCA :

  • Provides you with a copy of all data which relates to you.
  • Amends any incorrect data which relates to you.
  • Deletes all data which relates to you.

If you wish to make any of the above requests please contact NISCA via the contact form on our website at and NISCA will comply with your request.

Data breach notification

In the event that NISCA becomes aware of any data breach all NISCA contacts will be notified of the breach by email within 72 hours.

Updating this Privacy Policy

NISCA may update or amend this Privacy Policy from time to time, to comply with the law or to meet changing requirements. Any updates or amendments will be posted on this website.

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