NISCA – the Northern Ireland Schools & Colleges Careers Association – is an association which works to enhance the quality of Careers provision in schools and Regional Colleges and to create a desire for life-long learning. NISCA is a registered charity (charity number : NIC107497)

The Role of NISCA :

On behalf of its members, NISCA will aim to:

  • Raise the profile of careers practitioners in schools and colleges.
  • Provide a networking facility for careers practitioners.
  • Make representation on policy structure and resources to all relevant statutory bodies and other organisations in relation to the provision, delivery and evaluation of CEIAG.
  • Work in partnership with key organisations involved in CEIAG.
  • Facilitate Continuous Professional Development opportunities in consultation with its members.
  • Promote dialogue with employers and employers’ organisations.
  • Maintain links, exchange views and ideas and disseminate best practice among careers practitioners within Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain.

NISCA membership is primarily composed of practising careers professionals, including teachers and careers advisors representing Schools and FE Colleges. Membership is spread across institutions throughout Northern Ireland.

In addition to conferences, NISCA maintains two websites for Careers and Guidance professionals – nisca.org.uk and investigatecareers.com

Our Committee Members

The NISCA committee membership reflects the range of post-primary provision across NI. Any NISCA member is welcome to seek election to the committee.

Rosie Cooper – Co Chair. Rosie has been involved in careers for 20 years and a Head of Careers for 17 years in Larne Grammar. On top of her careers duties also teaches Business Studies.

Sean Carlin – Co-Chair. Sean spent 20 years as a Head of Careers and currently acts as Industrial Relations Coordinator and is a science teacher (Biology).

Lorraine Barry – Vice Chair. Lorraine has been involved in careers for over 20 years and been Careers Co-ordinator for 18 years at St Pius X College, Magherafelt. As well as her careers duties she also teaches GCE Health & Social Care and GCSE Child Development.

Eddie Collins – Treasurer & Chair of Conference Committee.

Julie Richardson – Conference Coordinator. Julie has been chair and co-chair of NISCA for many years. She was Head of Careers in Ballyclare High School (Grammar) until June 2022.

Jean Stirrup – Conference Coordinator. Former Careers and Employability Service Manager at Belfast Metropolitan College

Julie Guéret – Joint Secretary. Julie has been Head of Careers in Ulidia Integrated College for nearly 10 years. She also teaches English language and literature.

Stephanie Murphy – Joint secretary. Stephanie has been involved in Careers for 10 years as Coordinator of Employability and has been Head of Careers in Rathmore Grammar School for 3 years.

Stephanie Buchanan – Assistant Treasurer. Stephanie works at Carrickfergus Grammar and has been involved in careers for over 20 years. She has been Head of Careers for 16 years and also teaches Business Studies & PE.

Patrick English – LinkedIn Coordinator. Patrick has been Head of Careers at Wellington College Belfast for the last three years. He is also the Head of Sixth Form at Wellington College. Prior to this, Patrick was Head of Careers at Malone Intergrated College for twelve years.

Joanne Martin – Website Coordinator. Joanne has been Head of Careers and Business for 18 years in Sperrin Integrated College.

Jennifer Fleming – Webmaster and Membership Manager

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